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Robert Cleaver, a young farm worker from the small village of Wolfham, inherits Whitcher’s Cottage on the edge of mysterious Checkett’s Wood. When one day he encounters the enigmatic entities The Hunter and Green Lady, his life is transformed into one of magic and mystery, danger and romance.


Set in a fictitious rural Warwickshire during the late 1700’s Robert is taken on a journey of both body and spirit that crosses generations of lives.

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The world of Checkett's Wood is one where myth and mystery, folklore and magic, reverence for nature, and love all unite. It is a world which takes the reader on a journey to the late 17th/early 18th Century, and events experienced by Robert Cleaver, whose family legacy is lost in the mists of time. However, time itself has no boundary, especially when Robert encounters such entities as The Green Lady and The Hunter. For the young Robert then discovers his real journey is only just beginning.

Checkett's Wood is the first novel in a series of mature historical fantasy books published by Witcherman Books and is centred around the fictitious woodland. Each story compliments the first book or can be read separately.

 "I hath made this wild woodland my abode for many lives of men, for I am ageless, and yet my realm is vast. I am the warmth that ripens the fruits of the forest as I am also the fiery spark which feeds the flames of life. I am He that leadeth the Wild Hunt betwixt the veil which separates this world and the next. My names are many... "


A tale from the Checkett’s Wood Chronicles


Thomas Checkland, descendant of Robert Cleaver (from the Checkett's Wood novel) leaves 1990's Oxford on a quest to discover his true heritage. In Checkett's Wood not only does he come face to face with the mysterious Hunter but is also taken on a journey back in time to Medieval Leicester and the tomb of King Richard III and then further back to 1066 and the Battle of Hastings.

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