Enter the mysterious world of Checkett's Wood

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Soft back book -
344 Pages inc. map and glossary of names

Checkett's Wood


Historical ~ Magical ~ Sensual

Robert Cleaver, a young farm worker, inherits Whitcher’s Cottage on the edge of mysterious Checkett’s Wood. When one day he encounters the enigmatic entities The Hunter and Green Lady, his life is transformed into one of magic and mystery, danger and romance.


     Set in a fictitious rural Warwickshire during the late 1700’s Robert is taken on a journey of both body and spirit that crosses generations of lives.

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Divided by Fate

ISBN- 978-1-8384237-3-5

A tale from the Checkett’s Wood Chronicles

Robert thought for a moment. “Yes I do have such a tale of love and happiness. I shall tell you a tale from the time of the civil war which raged through this land, of a time when families were divided and others united, and within the eye of the storm of two young people who met and fell in love.”

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Henry of White Shires Hall

ISBN- 978-1-8384237-4-2


A tale from the Checkett’s Wood Chronicles


​...An errant snowflake floated down to the prone body and kissed one of Henry’s closed eyelids, but even such a light touch was enough to make him arch his back in pain. The last remaining vestige of his consciousness recognised this was now time to meet his Creator – and unbidden into his head the last few terrible years of his life flashed behind his closed eyes in an instant.

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The Checkland Legacy

ISBN- 978-1-8384237-6-6

Out Now

A tale from the Checkett’s Wood Chronicles


Thomas Checkland, descendant of Robert Cleaver (from the Checkett's Wood novel) leaves 1990's Oxford on a quest to discover his true heritage. In Checkett's Wood not only does he come face to face with the mysterious Hunter but is also taken on a journey back in time to Medieval Leicester and the tomb of King Richard III and then further back to 1066 and the Battle of Hastings.

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Eternal Blade cover 2.jpg
The Eternal Blade

ISBN- 978-1-8384237-5-9

​A small collection short stories from the Checkett’s Wood Chronicles


Includes a story of Anglo-Saxon warrior Leofwine of the Hwicce, and those of Robert Odell, Mary Checkland, and an insight into the relationship between Hunter and the Green Lady.

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Betwixt the Wood and the Wolf

ISBN- 978-1-8384237-7-3


Betwixt the Wood and the Wolf is the latest book release from the Checkett's Wood Chronicles. Ever wanted to know what actually happened to Robert Cleaver's parents? Want to know more about the origins of the Sword of Rhyddyrch?

This volume also contains a complete 2000 year history regarding Checkett's Wood and the Cheaccalandie.

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