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About Witcherman Publications

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Turning the dream into reality...

Witcherman Publications was founded in 2021 to self publish novels written by the historical fantasy author Richard M. Carr. However, Richard had already been using the moniker Witcherman for many years to help promote a number of other projects, including photography, original art, and the highly successful Ogham Divination website (founded in 2014). He has also used the name on a number of written articles and workshop lectures covering subjects on Bardic poetry and wand-making.

The name Witcherman is taken from one of the Publisher’s direct female ancestors, surnamed Witcher, who as well as being a spiritualist medium her actual birthplace was in close proximity to Stonehenge and the New Forest – places closely associated with druidry and witchcraft respectively.

The use of the name Witcherman by the Author/Publisher is in many respects a tribute to his great-grandmother, a woman who lived to the ripe old age of 85 and whose family and name reaches back hundreds of years to before records began. The alternative earlier name Whitcher also makes many appearances throughout the Checkett’s Wood series of books.

Please notes: Witcherman Publications and the use of the name Witcherman by its creator of the above has no connection at all to popular The Witcher books or the more recent TV series based on those books.

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Jul 14, 2021

I am sure there will be some readers who will compare the Checkett's Wood tales with the novels of Diana Gabaldon and Deborah Harkness - quite understandably so considering the many similar themes Checkett's shares with them. With this Author having no knowledge of either of the above, or of the televised versions based upon their novels, when the Checkett's series of books were created and mostly written, I can only ascertain that I must have been tapping into some kind of collective conscience of writers wanting to explore time travel and historical themes. If that is the case then I count myself in very good company. My primary objective was to create a novel that explored all of my main…

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